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Frequently Asked Questions


I don't need the cars for 3 hours. Is it cheaper for less time?

At certain times, we can offer the cars for less time during a wedding and, of course, we understand you won't want a car for more than an hour for a school formal. Our prices reflect this. You would realise the majority of weddings are on Saturday afternoon, therefore we cannot offer cars for less time then, but at most other times there is some flexibility.

How soon do we need to book?

Each of the cars available is the only one of its type/colour in this area. So if you have your heart set on a particular car then we suggest you book as soon as you can. On the other hand, if you are more flexible as to which of our cars you book, then we can most probably help you at short notice. Just don't leave it too close to your event.

We will confirm your vehicle when your 20% deposit is received.

How do I book the vehicles that I want?

Choose your vehicles from the colour photos.

We will ascertain the availability of the cars that you want and will phone you within a few days to let you know. Please leave us your contact numbers both at home and work.

Fill in a VCR Booking Sheet once you are happy with the cars available.

Post the Booking Sheet with the deposit of 20% to VCR. (Our address is shown on our Contact page.)

We will send you a receipt and details of what we understand are the requirements for your day. The booking will then be confirmed.

When is the balance payable?

Either on, or prior to, the day of your event. Whatever suits you.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

If the booking is cancelled at least 6 months in advance then all deposits are refunded. Those bookings cancelled within 6 months incur a handling fee which is 10% of the rental price. Therefore we will refund half your 20% deposit.

What happens if a breakdown occurs?

A back up vehicle will always be on standby from the network. Drivers carry mobile phones.

Some delay may transpire, and it should be noted that all vehicles are maintained to a high mechanical standard, but as with any antique of 60 years of age or more, the unexpected may happen. Vintage Car Rentals will do its utmost to ensure your Special Occasion is not marred by any delays.

Who supplies ribbons?

We do - white ones. If you want another colour, please supply them and we will fit. Likewise, if you want any other adornments we are happy to use them if you supply.

Do the drivers dress up?

Our drivers dress in neat attire, at least shirt, jacket and tie, but we will try to dress appropriate to your theme if you give plenty of notice.

What happens if it is cold or wet?

Either way we will turn up. Blankets and umbrellas are carried in the cars and we will do our utmost to protect you from any unpleasant elements on the day. However, we too are at the mercy of the weather.

What else do you offer?

We serve champagne during the photographs and you don't need to wash up. This is all part of the package. If you would prefer soft drink, orange juice or water, just let us know prior to the day and we will see to it.

Are we able to use your vehicles in the photographs at various venues?

Certainly - and we encourage you to use a photographer who is sympathetic to old cars. There are a few around!

Our request is simple. Please don't do anything to damage or spoil the cars. Confetti, rice, coins, etc are best thrown well out of the way of our priceless relics.

I'm really looking for a specific vehicle? Do you have any more vehicles available?

Let us know what you are looking for and we'll see what we can do. Our fleet changes periodically as cars are bought and sold. We know most of the cars available in the Canberra region, even if they are not currently part of our fleet. We'll do what we can to help make your day everything you planned.

If we haven't answered your question or you still need more information, please use our Contact page We are only too happy to talk about our fleet of cars and how they will enhance your special occasion.

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